Unwound (Side A: Seakn)
0m: Intro
1m: Rise and Shine
3m: B-A-B-Y
4m: Sunday Kind of Love
5m: Joe Jackson
7m: We Don't Like You
8m: Chicken on the Wing
10m: Indian Summer
11m: Bumpy Road to Love
12m: Another Blue Evening
13m: Midnight in Tijauna
15m: I've Got 24 Children
17m: My Glass House
19m: Daddy
20m: And One Day
22m: Its Lonely Creepin'
23m: I've Got You On My Mind
25m: Let's Get Lost
26m: We Could Fall in Love
28m: Killa Dilla
28m: Mama Done Told Me
29m: When I Feel Like Lovin'
31m: The Radio

Unwound (Side B: Boost)
0m: Declaration
2m: What's New (ft. Ben Z)
3m: Bottle of Gin
4m: All Day and All Night (ft. Mistaloo Meff)
5m: Let Them (ft. Ben Z)
6m: Earthquake Milkshake
7m: Just A Spark
9m: Strictly A Bounce Tune
11m: The Devil (ft. PegLegGreg)
12m: Ugly Head
15m: One Note Johnny
15m: Shine
16m: Mama Done Told Me
17m: A Little Heat
19m: I Was Lonely
19m: My Last Affair
22m: Mighty Bass
23m: Leave Your Worries
25m: Do Right
27m: Four Dimensional Flight

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All tracks by Sean Behling and Paul Duquesnoy


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Widescreen :: 1920x1200

All tracks by Sean Behling and Paul Duquesnoy